A growing need. A pivotal moment.

Imagine your life as a child in crisis. Abuse, neglect and heartache are your daily companions. The people who are supposed to protect you, those you should be able to trust most, cause you incredible pain. Hopelessness consumes you.

These are the types of kids who wind up on the campus of Christian Children’s Home of Ohio. Today more than ever, abused and traumatized children are in need of a safe and loving environment that will help them find healing. The Promise Project is Christian Children’s Home of Ohio’s answer to this growing need, a comprehensive building and improvement plan that will provide a healthy and fun place for play, therapy, nutritious meals, and safe, functional, healthy residences and facilities.

The Promise Project answers the need with these primary initiatives:

Construction of the Children’s Leadership and Recreation Center on the Wooster campus

Renovations of the Retreat Center with modifications to cafeteria, addition of commercial kitchen and new classrooms

Renovations to five residential cottages on the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio campus

Acquisition of Encompass Christian Counseling office buildings and future improvements

See the Progress

We will regularly post updates from the Promise Project along with photos of the work being done.

We’ve heard from many of you and are grateful for your support of our building and improvement plan. Thank you to the many individuals, churches, foundations and businesses who have already made a gift or pledge toward The Promise Project! The Children’s Leadership & Recreation Center is that much closer to becoming a reality. The kids just recently started enjoying some home-cooked meals prepared in the Leadership Center’s new commercial kitchen and will soon be attending classes in the updated classrooms. What a blessing! But, there’s more to come! The Recreation Center — which will house a middle school-sized gymnasium, two additional classrooms, and boys and girls restrooms — is well underway too. Check out the pictures in our gallery.

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Thank you to these local businesses for their support of the Promise Project

The Promise Project changes lives.

With the construction of the Children’s Leadership & Recreation Center (LRC), which includes a gymnasium and a commercial kitchen, and renovations to residential cottages, the Promise Project addresses the long-term recovery and development of the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio residents in three key ways:

Tomorrow's leaders need your help today.

The effects of the trauma these children experience can impact their ability to graduate from school, hold a steady job, maintain relationships and build families of their own. Your support of the Promise Project is an investment in their future, helping them leave behind their heartbreaking pasts to become leaders for the next generation. Whether they go on to be President of the United States, president of their own company or president of their own children’s PTO, they need your help getting there.

"When I turned 17 and got my first job, I started to understand what everyone at Christian Children’s Home of Ohio was trying to tell me for so long: that I am important and forgiven, that I need to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about me, what everyone else says to me or about me, and instead show everyone forgiveness. I needed to forgive my birth mother, forgive my first adoptive family, forgive those bullies and mean kids at school. Most important, I needed to forgive myself for all the self-abuse and low self-esteem. God already forgave me and thanks to Christian Children’s Home of Ohio, I learned that he wanted a personal relationship with me."
Promises for the next generation

In Acts 2:39, Peter announces the greatest gift ever is available to all people. Even better, this gift – a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit – is a promise to all generations:

“‘The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off – for all whom the Lord our God will call.'”

The response of Christian Children’s Home of Ohio to this promise is to help children who have endured unspeakable trauma find their worth in Christ. Will you, in turn, stand alongside these children with a promise of your own?

God’s Word is filled with promises but few offer more hope than the one found in Acts. It reminds us that, no matter where we come from, what we’ve done or what’s been done to us, our God offers healing and forgiveness. (ACTS 2:38-39)

God surrendered his life for us, and in turn asks us to lay our lives down for others. Christian Children’s Home of Ohio promises to be Christ’s tangible love to our young residents, giving our time, talents and treasure in serving them. (JOHN 15:12-14)

Jesus tells us our hearts will be with the things we treasure. Will you promise to place your treasure in heaven and help abused, neglected and traumatized children from all over Ohio experience their worth in Christ? (MATTHEW 6:20-21)

The Vision: Leadership & Recreation Center

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