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Education – The Promise Project




Children continue their K-12 education while on campus through our partnership with Summit Academy. Many of the kids arrive two or three grade levels behind other children their age because of the turmoil in their lives. The LRC will increase our number of classrooms, helping to create a better environment for school activities each day.

Centralized education and treatment areas in the LRC also will reduce transitions between classrooms. Change is very difficult for our residents, so this centralized approach will decrease stress and, in turn, limit the number of outbursts throughout the day.

Less stress also leads to a greater ability to focus on studies each day. Kids will begin to see their limitless potential and immeasurable value as they learn leadership skills that will not only benefit themselves, but also their future families.

Sunday church services will also be held in the LRC, and the additional classrooms will serve as breakout rooms for discipleship and small group activities for the children each week.